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Amco Veba marine cranes. No matter what type of Amco Veba marine crane you are looking for we can locate it, new or used and delivered anywhere.

All types of Amco Veba marine cranes, barge cranes, ship cranes, platform cranes, boat cranes, you name the crane and the job. "We have an Amco Veba crane that can do it".

Custom built Amco Veba marine crane designs are available for any type of application. Delivered to your ship, barge or dock or anywhere in the World.

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Amco Veba
Amco Veba Crane
Amo Veba Ship Crane
Amco Veba Cranes
Amco Veba Sea Cranes
Amco Veba Boat Crane
Amco Veba Marine Cranes
Amco Veba Crane
Amco Veba Lift Chart
Amco Veba Lift Charts
Amco Veba cranes Lift Charts
Amco Veba Marine Cranes:
1. Equipped with Telescopic Booms which can be easily folded and can be manipulated in a minimum of space.

2. Several different boom lengths and boom types can be made available to suit your particular application as well as attachments for any type of job. Hydraulic or manual extension fly jibs can be provided according to the requirement.

3. To provide stability while lifting the load there are two hydraulically operated stabilizers to keep the crane positioned on a uneven or moving surface.

4. All the cranes have slewing angle more than 360 degree enabling the crane to approach the load from minimum possible distance.

5. Hydraulic power can be taken from a PTO-s or by having a secondary engine or electric power pack depending on the application.

6. Amco Veba Cranes are designed so that the weight of the crane remains at a minimum, while providing the required rigidness of construction for maximum lifting and handling.

7. Several control systems are available, such as: radio remote controls, side controls, elevated platform controls and top seat controls.
Amco Veba Marine Crane
Amco Veba Cranes
Amco Veba Crane Models
AMCO VEBA offers extremely well built, well priced and well designed cranes from 1 tm to 74 tm.
Marine cranes built for salt water and fresh water applications as well as stationary dock applications.

The Sealand FM range is a truly impressive line of long lasting, dependable and affordable marine cranes.

T Cranes: 702 : 1.8 Ton Meter     703 : 3.0 Ton Meter     807 : 6.7 Ton Meter     809 : 8.4 Ton Meter     811 : 10.3 Ton Meter815 : 14.3 Ton Meter     817 : 15.5 Ton Meter

A Cranes: 703 : 1.9 Ton Meter     804 : 3.8 Ton Meter     805 : 4.4 Ton Meter     810 : 9.6 Ton Meter     812 : 11.9 Ton Meter815 : 14.0 Ton Meter     817 : 15.8 Ton Meter     820 : 19.6 Ton Meter    823 : 20.7 Ton Meter     825 : 25.1 Ton Meter     828 : 25.9 Ton Meter     933 : 31.3 Ton Meter936 : 14.0 Ton Meter     950 : 15.8 Ton Meter

VR Cranes: VR36 :  33.6 Ton Meter     VR42 : 41.6 Ton Meter     VR52 : 49.6 Ton Meter     VR60 : 54.6 Ton Meter    VR72 : 68.1 Ton Meter     VR80 : 74.9 Ton Meter

JT Cranes: 820 : 19.6 Ton Meter     823 : 20.7 Ton Meter     825 : 25.1 Ton Meter     828 : 25.9 Ton Meter     933 : 31.3 Ton Meter936 : 14.0 Ton Meter     950 : 15.8 Ton Meter

SC Cranes2017 : 2.7 Ton Meter     4021 : 5.50 Ton Meter     5421 : 7.40 Ton Meter     6421 : 8.90 Ton Meter     6721 : 9.20 Ton Meter7226 : 9.80 Ton Meter
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